Every New York City public school is required to establish a School Leadership Team (SLT). The team is composed of an equal number of parents and faculty. The parents on the team are elected representatives of the parent body and each grade block (K-8, 9-12) has its own parent rep. The PTA presidents also serve on the SLT. The teachers are represented by the UFT chapter leader as well as their own teacher reps.


The primary responsibility of the SLT is to develop an annual Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). This is a school improvement plan which targets the policies, procedures, and educational practices that create our children’s learning environment. The goals set each year must be child-centered, realistically attainable and, in some way, measurable. The CEP must also be aligned with the school’s budget for the year.


SLT 2023-24

Principal: Katherine Banucci-Smith

Teacher Representatives: Abby Rapoport (LS/UFT), John Moore (MS), Keith Simpson (HS), 

PTA President: Jen Laing/Christa Somers

Parent Representatives: Laura Paris (HS, email, Leah Hollingsworth (LS, email

Community Representative(s): Andrew Copper (Music)

Student Representatives: Kiki Rosenberg, Mack Scocca-Ho

In attendance, but non-voting members: Kristen Palmieri, Lisa Stump



SLT MEETING SCHEDULE (once a month on Wednesdays at 3pm)


October 25

November 29

December 20

January 31

February 28

March TBD

April TBD

May 27

June 26