SMS PTA Elections are coming!  Now is the time to get involved with our community for the 2024-2025 school year. Any Parent or person in a parental relationship to a Special Music School student may be nominated to join the SMS PTA Executive Board. Reach out if you are curious about or ready to bring your talent to the SMS PTA! 


To nominate yourself or another SMS PTA member to the Executive Board, email NOMINATIONS DEADLINE: May 23, 2024 @ 6pm



Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024

Time: 6pm

Zoom Link:


It may be difficult to vote if you join by phone. Please try to join on a computer or tablet!


The objectives of the Special Music School Parent Teacher Association are:

  • to provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the students;
  • to promote and help develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and guardians, teachers, and staff of our school;
  • to develop parent and guardian community leadership and build capacity for greater family involvement;
  • to foster and encourage community engagement on all levels; and
  • to provide opportunities and training for parents and guardians to participate in school governance and decision-making.


The Executive Board is a small group of SMS PTA members who are elected each year to lead the PTA in meeting these objectives. The Executive Board (EB) works together and with the general membership, and coordinates with class/advisory representatives, with school faculty and staff, and with Kaufman Music Center staff. All Executive Board members attend periodic Executive Board meetings and General PTA meetings.  


The term of all Executive Board positions is one year: July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025. Per the Chancellor's Regulations, the mandatory positions include President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer.


President or Co-Presidents: 

Provide leadership for the members, delegate responsibilities to other PTA members and encourage meaningful participation in PTA and school activities. Regularly attend meetings of the region/district Presidents’ council and serve as a core member of the school leadership team. Typically 1-2.


Vice Presidents or Co-Vice Presidents: 

Assist the President/Co-Presidents and assume the President/Co-Presidents' duties in their absence. The expectation is that a VP will run for President in a subsequent year.


Recording Secretary or Co-Secretaries: 

Prepare agendas, sign-in sheets, and distributed materials for general membership meetings. Distribute and maintain the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all PA meetings. Responds to and maintains all correspondence of the PTA. Typically 1-2.


Treasurer or Co-Treasurers: 

Responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PTA and maintains an updated record of all income and expenditures. Typically 2-3.


Vice Presidents or Co-Vice Presidents for Communications: 

Assist the President/Co-Presidents and EB with information sharing, development of digital media and communication with the community about school-related events. Help develop and maintain the SMS PTA website, social media accounts and groups, and communication tools as needed.



Assist EB with at least one annual school-wide event. Ideally 1-2 with past PTA EB experience. 


The following positions are appointed (not elected) by the EB and do not require a ballot vote. Chairs are asked to attend monthly EB meetings to report on their respective positions.


Fundraising Chair(s): 

Assist the President/Co-Presidents and EB with fundraising activities (ie: annual appeal, raffles, Silver Graphics) and prepare fundraising activity reports. 


Volunteering Chair(s): 

Assist the President/Co-Presidents and EB with volunteer activities (ie: juries, admissions assessments, community performance opportunities) for the music program and communication with the community about school-related music events. 


Community Relations Chair(s):

Plan and coordinate events (new parent cocktail, K-8 and/or HS mixers, one-off celebrations, teacher/admin appreciation days) for fundraising or community building purposes. 


Merchandise Chair(s):

Research, design and order branded merchandise for sale to the community. Research and purchase gifts and items for occasional events (teacher appreciation, sunshine fund).


After School Chair(s):

Coordinate K-8 after school programming with the various participating organizations and providers.


The SLT is a body of teachers and parents charged with developing and implementing the comprehensive education plan. Two representatives (one for the lower school and one for the high school), plus one alternate, are needed.



This notice was published on April 15, 2024