K-8 Extracurricular Activities:

updated as of 9/8/23

After School Opportunities

The following are external and established after school programs that are (mostly) based in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, within a few blocks of our school. Some may offer a pick up service for students if there are enough registrants. Please note: The following is provided only as a resource to be considered by SMS families. 

The PTA is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse, any particular program. 


The After School Program at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center provides a safe, nurturing and educational environment. The program is designed to cultivate appreciation of the arts, build self-esteem, and broaden the children's outlook on the world – and, in turn, on their own potential. 

Who: K-6th grade students

When: Monday-Friday afternoons, 2:45pm to 5:45PM September 18th 2023 - June 14, 2024

Where: 250 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023

Fee: $245/month for new families, $170/month for returning families.

Registration Forms are accessible here - you should "make a copy" or 'Download" to complete.

Contact: LSNCafterschool@gmail.com 212-874-0860 x4960



A variety of independent participation classes are offered weekday afternoons. In the past NY Kids Club has offered pickups for SMS students. 

Who: K-1st students (children 2-6)

When: Monday through Friday 2:30-6:00pm, Registration is available on a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day per week basis

Where: 168 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023

Fee: TBD

Contact: nykidsclub68@nykidsclub.com or 917-708-8440



A variety of independent participation classes are offered weekday afternoons, starting around 3pm. 

There are several classes offered by Lucy Moses that will start at 2:45 on Wednesday and Thursday and would be ideal for SMS Students, including Yoga Flow, Playwriting, and Piano as a Second Instrument. 

Who: K-8th grade students

When: Weekday afternoons, most classes are 1x week

Where: at Kaufman Music Center

Fee: depend on each class
Register Onlinehttps://www.kaufmanmusiccenter.org/lms

Contact: lucymosesschool​@kaufmanmusiccenter​.org or 212 501 3360 



For Students who live uptown, ACT After School may be an option. It may be possible to have the bus drop students off at the program.


Who: K-5th grade students

When: Weekday afternoons, 2-5 days per week

Where: 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street New York, NY 10025

Fee: Dependent on the number of days registered for. Fees are listed on the application.

Contact: 212.316.7530 | www.actprograms.org



Is there a club your student is interested in starting or participating in that doesn't exist yet? Each K-8 club needs community support to make the logistics work. Contact smspta@specialmusicschool.org if you're ready to take the leap and join the PTA's extracurricular and after school committee. 




Since 2001, SMS KARATE KIDS have practiced traditional Okinawan martial arts to learn self-control, concentration, respect, fitness, and self-defense skills in a non-competitive environment. The program is presented by New York Rendokan, headed up by former SMS parents Robert Weinberg (10th Degree Black Belt) and Zhen Guo (Fourth Degree Black Belt), and assisted by Felix Sanes (Eighth Degree Black Belt).

Who: SMS K-8th grade students

When: Monday afternoons from 2:45-4:15 p.m. Fall semester dates: September 11 -December 19 (13 classes)

Where: Room 309

Fee: $325. Siblings pay half price. Some tuition assistance is available upon request.

More information and Forms can be accessed at this link.

Details: Students are picked up from their classrooms and escorted to the 4th floor. Snack is provided at the end of each class. A karate uniform is required and can be purchased for $20-25. Space is limited. A KARATE CLUB WAIVER must be completed and brought to the first class.

Contact: Register at NYRendokan@aol.com or call 646-331-4606. 



Soccer Classes

A parent is organizing a private group soccer class for SMS students with Carlos Olivera Soccer Academy

Who: SMS K-4th grade students

When: Wednesdays from 2:35 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Spring 2024 Dates TBD- pending sufficient enrollment!

Where: COSA staff will pick up students from KMC, and parents should pick up students at Central Park (exact location will be shared via registration forms.

Fee: about $45 per class depending on class registration - with more students the cost will decrease! 

Registration Form 

Details: a one-hour soccer class, including warn ups, drills, and games.

Contact: cosacademy99@gmail.com. Mention the private class for PS859 students on Wednesdays. 

Lucy Moses School Class: Piano as a Second Instrument

Who: SMS students ages 6-11

When: Wednesdays from 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Starting September 20th, pending sufficient enrollment

Where: Kaufman Music Center

Fee: $540/semester (15 sessions). There is an additional annual LMS registration fee of $45 per student.

Register Onlinehttps://www.kaufmanmusiccenter.org/lms/class/cgroup-piano-as-a-second-instrument-ages-6-11/

Details: This class introduces basic piano skills and technique to young musicians studying a different instrument, supporting their growth as well-rounded musicians. 

Contact: LMS Registrars: at 212 501 3360 or lucymosesschool@kaufmanmusiccenter.org



Lucy Moses School Class: Playwriting


Who: students ages 8-14

When: Wednesdays from 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Starting September 20th, pending sufficient enrollment

Where: Kaufman Music Center

Fee: $480/semester (15 sessions) There is an additional annual LMS registration fee of $45 per student.

Register Onlinehttps://www.kaufmanmusiccenter.org/lms/class/c16668/

Details: This class breaks down the fundamentals of playwriting in a fun, accessible way through games, improv, short presentations, and writing exercises. 

Contact: LMS Registrars: at 212 501 3360 or lucymosesschool@kaufmanmusiccenter.org



Lucy Moses School Class: Yoga Flow


Who: students ages 8-14

When: Thursdays from 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Starting September 21st, pending sufficient enrollment

Where: Kaufman Music Center

Fee: $490/semester (15 sessions) There is an additional annual LMS registration fee of $45 per student.

Register Onlinehttps://www.kaufmanmusiccenter.org/lms/class/c16766/

Details: Join us for Tranquil Thursdays!  Yoga Flow offers a blend of grace and playfulness in an engaging experience of stretching, balance, movement, and mindfulness.

Contact: LMS Registrars: at 212 501 3360 or lucymosesschool@kaufmanmusiccenter.org


SMS phys. ed. teacher, Sam Fox, introduces students to the hottest game of the season: Spikeball!

Who: SMS 5th-8th grade students

When: Thursdays from 2:35-3:35 p.m.   Fall semester dates: September 21 -November 30 (8 classes)

Where: Meet in the 6th floor yard. Parent/guardian pick-up in the school lobby.

Fee: $160 by check payable to “Special Music School” and turned in to Mr. Fox.

Details: Class size is limited to 24 students. Payment and a signed SPIKEBALL CLUB WAIVER are due in advance of the first run date.

Register Online: https://forms.gle/dgLVvdK9iegYr9v89 

Contact: Sam Fox: sfox@specialmusicschool.org


SMS Drama Club

A fun and supportive environment in which to experience musical theatre and play! Students build acting skills through improvisation and scene study, learn healthy vocal warmups that prepare them to sing alone and in groups, and practice fundamental musical theatre dance steps. Actors work in small groups and as an ensemble to create short performance pieces that are shared throughout the year! A registration form and signed DRAMA CLUB WAIVER is required.

Who: SMS 1st-8th grade students

When: Fridays from 2:35pm-4:15pm, Start Date 9/15/2023

Where: KMC 2nd Floor Cafeteria + Play yard

Fee: $600/year by Venmo (can be paid by semester or in installments; some financial assistance is available)

Contact: Amelia DeMayo: singamelia@yahoo.com and Ashley Byler: ashley.byler@gmail.com for information.




Students of all chess levels will learn openings, middle game strategy, fundamental endgames, tactics, and more! 

Who: SMS K-8 students

When: Fridays from 2:35pm-3:45pm, Start Date 9/15/2023 pending sufficient enrollment

Where: KMC room 310

Register Online: Register at https://www.events4chess.com/events/?event_ID=1885, using password “music” Check out the Premier Chess Flyer here.

Fee: $40 per class. The school year will be split into Fall, Winter, and Spring sections.

Contact: Premier Chess https://premierchess.com/ evan@premierchess.com  P: (917) 776-1306



Middle School Debate

There is interest in organizing a Middle School Debate Club, to build on incredible work of the SMS High School Debate team! Keep an eye out for a Middle School Debate Club interest form.